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The Yoga Studio:
an inspiring space.

The Studio's Features

90 square metres

13×8 exact dimensions
Easily 25 students

Surrounded by woods and nature

At 30 metres from the farmhouse, it’s close to the woods and overlooks the hills

Wood Floor

Pure and thick chestnut wood with a natural oil finish, to make it warm and comfortable. Glued with natural products to make it silent.

Fully Equipped

Mats (of different thickness), blocks, bolsters, meditation cushions, blankets, straps, candles.

Also available: comfortable chairs for group sessions, white boards and pens, stereo speakers.

Complete silent: no need of air conditioning nor fans

Silence was our focus when we built it. Insulation of the walls, roof and windows was the priority, meaning there is no need for noisy machines to keep it cool.

Wi-Fi Free

No connection. Unplug and Focus.

Heating system in case of need

Included in the price. No extra hidden costs.

Herbal teas available


Outdoor spots to practice

The big garden: a flat area with very dense and soft grass, facing east.
The pool area: the terrace is big and can fit up to 20 people.

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