The Inspiring Lodge
for a Healthy Holiday

At EQUILIBRIO.BIO, you find tasty Vegan food, Yoga and a great place to be

Umbria - italy

The Holiday Experience

a holiday at EQUILIBRIO.BIO is an inspiring break in Italy with a combination of healthy eating, body-mind activities, connecting moments, and healing environment, that aims to de-stress, relax, and re-charge you, heading back into life with new and refreshed energy.

A Natural Paradise to enjoy

The Lodge is immersed in nature. Surrounded by a rich bio diversity that comes from ancient trees, fruit trees, olive trees, thousands of plants, veggie gardens, raised bed gardens, aloe vera green houses, smooth rolling hills on the background. You will be astonished by the quantity of nature you can experience.

Be inspired. Find motivation.

We have developed our rooms with ‘creativity’ in mind, because we think that it is what makes humans great. Our aim is to inspire people to be their best in life. Sustainability and ecology were two other important factors. We used concrete painting, ancient technique completely natural and creative re-use of materials.

Vegan cuisine to nourish the body

We cook tasty plant based food using high quality organic produce that comes mostly from our gardens or from other local farmers that we personally know. We follow the seasons and our food is fresh and cooked with love. Meals are served on the outdoor patio, surrounded by nature. If weather is not perfect, in the stone wall room inside. Guests eat all together to share interesting conversations and to connect, in a very friendly and easy atmosphere.

Self Care with Yoga (for everyone)

We run weekly yoga classes in English. It offers you the opportunity to stretch and move the body, connect with the breath and focus the mind. Guided through a series of asanas with modifications for all levels – beginner through to experienced – connect into your whole being: finding flexibility and flow in the body; growing dexterity in the more subtle layer of the mind and setting you up in the best possible way for the day ahead.

in Umbria - the green heart of Italy

a region of arts, nature, beauty and relaxed life. We’re close to beautiful small villages, walking paths in the hills, countryside charming places and touristic places to visit. Or you can just relax by the pool. 

Wellbeing is for everyone

A Holiday at
starts from only 74 euro
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