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Welcome to Umbria

The perfect place for a retreat

Welcome to Umbria

The perfect place for a retreat

Green Heart of Italy

That’s the region’s tagline, and it contains two important keywords for us:
Green and Heart;
we’d like to use those keywords to tell you a bit more about our special place in the world.

“heart” for:

Heartfelt Living

Umbria is intimate. And it’s authentic, because it still has a “slow way” of living. It’s mystical, and it’s still based on “small town rules” that bring respect and accountability to people. It’s rich with cozy towns, small castles and little churches that are kindly and respectfully built with ancient local stone, so the hilltop hamlets are a natural extension of the mountains.

Being in this environment encourages peace and spirituality, inspiration and thoughts of authentic ways of living.

“green” for:

Nature in Lifestyle

Umbria is un-spoilt, similar to its better know neighbour Tuscany but greener, wilder and more natural. A picture perfect view greets you from the plane.

A region with a high quality of life: clean air, steeped in nature and inspiring views to enrich the mind and eye.

Steve McCurry:
his words about Umbria
“Umbria is a very unique and special part of the world, for art, great culture, wonderful landscapes and rich hospitality.”

“Having been through much of Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America I think this is a great place to come to and spend time.”

Around Us

Umbria is easy to explore.
Absorb the art and culture of many towns within an hour drive (see below).

Spiritual Places

beautiful places to experience a profound silence and nourish your spirituality.

Bosco di San Francesco

35 minutes drive
This is no ordinary excursion; rather, it is an ongoing, peaceful discovery, a new form of pilgrimage into history and into the sacred, through 64 hectares of nature, amid wooded tracts, cultivated fields, walls of pink stone, clearings and olive groves

Eremo di Monte Corona

15 minutes drive
The hermitage of Monte Corona is born in the XVI century in a forest of fir and chestnut trees. The place is still lived in by monks and the atmosphere is sacred to feel the sound of silence. Beautiful buildings and amazing views from 700mt asl makes this place really unique.

Eremo delle Carceri

35 minutes drive
Among the most beautiful and spiritual place of Assisi. The hermitage where Francis and his early followers went seeking solitude and to pray. Visit the many small grottos by walking up and down the ancient wood with high trees and deep silence. Pass through the stone buildings where St Francis use to pray.

Umbria is a land of saints, after the hundreds of saints born here, including St Valentine and the two fathers of Western monasticism, St Francis and St Benedict. Many more places are therefore available for a visit.

Walks and Treks

magical paths to experience the richness of Umbria’s nature, passing through ancient woods, rivers and olive groves, or reaching the top of the hill for a magical view.

St Ubaldo downhill

30 minutes drive
Get the Gubbio's funicular for a fun experience to reach the top of Monte Ingino, where the Church of St Ubaldo is placed. Then start the downhill walk with some great views of Gubbio from above

Monte Acuto

15 minutes drive
A great trekking path to the top of the hill passing near Etruscan's ruins, to reach a 360-degree view of at least half of Umbria, with a breath-taking panorama of the Apennines.

La Verna Michelangelo

30 minutes drive
A piece of the St Francis way route where you pass close to the Sanctuary and the Sacred Forest. The walk continues on the side of the rocky hill always surrounded by rich nature.

A very important walking route passes through Umbria: the The St Francis’ Way. A route to reach Assisi following in the footsteps of St Francis which can be defined as a Life Experience.

Hamlets Rich with Art

Umbria is made of hilltop stoney villages. Small or large, each one has its own feel and is full of surprises. Many of them are full of art.


30 minutes drive
Assisi is a UNESCO World Heritage, and it has paintings of Giotto, Cimabue, Lorenzetti and Simone de Martini. Its Basilica of St. Francis has been defined as an extraordinary example of an architectonic complex that has heavily influenced the development of art and architecture.


15 minutes drive
Among the 100 most beautiful hamlets of Italy, it is a little hilltop town perfectly maintained with narrow stony roads and beautiful views of the valley. It’s rich in history due to the ‘italian condottiero’ Braccio who owned for a while the most part of Umbria.


30 minutes drive
Probably the most authentic town of Umbria, from where the region also gets its ‘logo’. Surely the oldest town of Umbria, with a Roman theatre that can still be seen just outside the town. History and culture flows all around the town, with churches, bells, museums and arts to view

Umbria is where the first stirrings of the Renaissance took place. Umbria inspired the likes of Giotto, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca and Luca Signorelli, who all lived and worked in this region.