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Make Space for
What Matters.

Eco-Chic Rooms you will love
"What a beautiful gem in the heart of Umbria! We found the environment adorable - the decor was a brilliant fresh, modern take of the classic Italian style."

The Art of Re-Imagining

Creative reuse of objects as a metaphor for the importance of reinventing and bringing one-self back to life through choice and reflection. Rearranging life priorities, reframing our vision of the good life, and uncovering a new sense of being alive.


Each room is unique, as are human beings.
Every room is on a path to achieve beauty and harmony: it’s colour, it’s features, it’s shape.
Because everything and everyone finds their own way to wellbeing.


  • All en-suite bathroom with shower
  • All rooms can be Double bed / Twin beds
  • Digital Detox Mode: No-TV
  • Courtesy Kit (all soaps in dispensers)
  • 4 pillows and extra blanket
  • Five triple rooms available
  • Room Ready: blankets, 3 towels per guest, hair dryer (pool towel on request)
  • WiFi available (switched off for a good night's sleep)
  • Led low emission eco-lights
  • Darkness matters: no outdoor lights pollution
  • Deep silence: country life

The Ethical Background

We support local artisanal work.
We use natural eco-friendly products.
We give new life to objects.