Follow the rhythm of nature


A Special Charm of Nature

with more than 50 different species of tree to enjoy- breathe deeply into the oxygen they provide, the colours and view they create and absorb their energy.

Never Crowded

with 8 exclusive, deluxe and bespoke rooms , EQUILIBRIO.BIO give you space for rest and tranquility.

Pure & Inspiring

having a deep respect for nature and the environment, our water is direct from the hills and our power sourced from the sun. with clean unpolluted air, enjoy crisp views of the rolling umbrian hills whilst you relax on your holiday.

Develop and re-organise your ideas,
find inspiration for your next life project,
free your mind and make space for new beautiful things.

At EQUILIBRIO.BIO you can recalibrate with nature to find the true essence of being human and downshift from the frenetic and hectic demands of daily, modern life.

the lodge is situated in a magical green, bio diverse valley immersing you nature and tuning you into its beautiful ecosystem.

also tap into the positive energy and flow of the lodge giving you opportunity to maximize life and your holiday.


the lodge, originally built as a ‘casale’ – a traditional Umbrian house- dates back to 1800. made entirely form local stone, it sits at 330mts in the umbrian hills sheltered from the wind but open to the wonderful sunrises and sunsets that nature offers. easily accessible, but quiet and peaceful, you are easily able to submerge yourself in nature.

We're in Umbria,
the green heart of Italy

conveniently located at the borders with Tuscany, Umbria is a peaceful region where “slow-life” is still an important value. wildly green and full of olive grows makes of authenticity one of its most beautiful characteristics.

Loose yourself in the many different areas of EQUILIBRIO.BIO

"Al Fresco" Eating

dining together on the patio: refreshing shade and relief from the sun during the day and a magical evening ambience under the stars and delicately lit trees at night.

sunrise garden

300 square metres of flat and soft grass facing east, for beautiful sunrises

The Growing wood

a beautifully bio diverse path designed for birds and insects

Raised Beds Garden

walk through the most decorative veggie garden of the lodge

Meditation Area

esclude yourself in the most remote area of the lodge surrounded by fruit trees

Veggie Garden

the “factory” of the kitchen’s food

Aloe Production

where we grow aloe vera and arborescens plants

The Studio

a multi functional 90 sq m space – with equipment and yoga classes for you to try

Boho-Chic Living Room

relax indoors in this bohemian style area – a space to dream, talk about ‘utopian ideas’ and / or find inspiration

The Gazebo

sit in one of our pallet sofas and reflect on life with a healthy drink

Cozy Piazza

the heart of the lodge – meet fellow holidays for a chat with a herbal tea

Night Inspiration

star gaze or take comfort in the dimly lit trees before heading off to bed

Media Room

a space to tune back into technology with a range of thought provoking videos and talks

Salt Pool

we extend our philosophy of pure new and health to the pool- no chemicals- a healthier way to swim, relax and refresh on holiday

A Healing Environment

The sounds of nature help us to detach ourselves from every day stressors and contemplate the present moment.

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Meet your Hosts

we provide a heartfelt service, with love and care

Gabriele Cruccolini

founder & host

A pragmatic-dreamer with lots of experience in accommodations; with his dream is to offer a real life experience, as well as a great holiday.

Sergio Tancredi

Chef & host

A poet, a chef, a researcher of what makes food great and healthy. A lover of nature he is the boss of the food gardens, managing them with love from the status of seed. 

Aldo Alessi


A researcher of LIFE in its whole meaning: he knows a lot of naturopathy, shamanic healing techniques, iridology, aloe, healing preparations.

Teresa Russa


Her big smile and warm hug can make everyone happy in a matter of seconds. Expert of metamedicine, and also a reiki masseuse.

Emma Maltby

Yoga Teacher

A positive life force, soft, caring, and full of inspiration, Emma’s classes offer everything from rest to unlocking and understanding the potential in each and everyone of us.

Alessia Alessi

social activities

A firm believer on the importance of laughing and having fun as tools to heal and overcome difficulties.  +15 experience in improvisation theatre and group building techniques

Reviews of the Team

Greeted by the wonderful Gabriele who was most caring for all our needs.

Emma has been very attuned to my needs. She is careful to adjust postures to suit me ensuring I gain strength and flexibility

Like to be with friends. Teresa has an extraordinary generosity in everything she does.

Gabriele made us feel so welcome and was very accommodating to our needs.

Teresa and Aldo are a rarity to preserve. Their generosity with the guests is at maximum level

Emma listens, has good humour and is a highly empathetic teacher

Gabriele is a very experienced host, who did not fail once to fulfil our needs. He was everywhere and always around.

Gabriele and his team provided an incredible service - they were professional and reliable, yet friendly and accommodating.

Delicious smells and interesting matchings that Sergio brings every night at the table

The showpiece is behind the kitchen door: Sergio, a true poet of the flavors.

Aldo is full of passion for what he does, kind and ready for every guest’s need

Love the hands on adjustments and range of static and flow poses as well as the restorative classes

Sergio’s cuisine makes you feel good, like at home

I have felt completely comfortable despite being a beginner

” It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. “

Come to the Lodge.

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