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Great Food

great in the most important ways (read more)


Tortino di Zucchine

Zucchini little cake, stuffed with whole grain bread, cheese and natural yeast. Sauce: parsley and almonds


Medaglione di Lenticchie

Lentils ring: composed with beetroot, pumpkin seeds, aromatic herbs. Sauce: beetroot and read onion with cashews


Soufflè of Carrots

Carrots soufflè: whole grain flour, EVO oil, ginger. Sauce: carrots, potatoes, ginger.



Whole grain basmati rice with seasonal veggies. Spices. Smoked paprika, curry, habanero chili pepper.


Seitan Scacciatora

Seitan with onion, carrots, celery, black olives, few capres.


Vegan cake

Vegan cake: soy milk custard, fruits, chocolates, rose petals

Healthy First.

Food is our fuel and what we eat can modify what we are.
Our daily decisions on what we buy and cook affects the world, but it touches first the health of our bodies.
So we take it very seriously.
Even if it’s just few days with us, we hope to give away healthy habits and inspiring recipes.

We grow most of our food

we kindly ask you two minutes of your time to read those important words from us

What fancy restaurants or Michelin Stars Chefs propose as a Luxury experience, it’s daily life for us.

We take care of our land: we plant, cut, water, plan, try to innovate, experience, struggle, succeed.
What you’ll find in our dishes is also a part of our story.

A story of passion, ethics, dreams.
A story that tries to join what could seem superficial like beauty with deeper subjects like health or environment.

A story that tries to go beyond the idea of a “restaurant subjected to Trip Advisor’s reviews” and looks more into proposing healthy eating habits.

We continuously communicate our vision before, while and after the guests’ stay.
We propose to look further the “plate judgement” common in the modern Masterchef world and simply (and more richly)  remember the basics of why we eat.

Key Principles we follow

From our gardens, as much as possible to have the best freshness.
The most we can, we buy local. We are a farm and we support farmers.
Most of our food comes from Umbria.
We look for the best quality we can.
Seasonal preferred.
We do it with ethics, genuine and honesty.


Zucchini Rolls

Marinated zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese, mint, oregan and olives.


Seitan Stew

Seitan with tomato sauce, potatoes and mushrooms.


Velvety vegetable

Pumpkin cream, smoked tofu, vegetable cream.

Healthy Habits we follow

Veggies first.
Whole grains.
No meat.
Low on sugar.
Nutritious breakfast – Generous lunch – Light dinner.
Desserts for either lunch or afternoon snack, not at dinner.


Carrot cake

Carrot cake with EVO oil, low on brown sugar with a cherry sauce.


Fruity glass

100% fruit cream with no sugar. White vegetable cream on top.


Chickpeas flour

Chickpeas rings with sicilian style bell peppers (lemon and capers)

What we care that you know

Please, don’t consider us “a restaurant”. In fact we are not a restaurant. 
We cook for 10-12-14, max 20 people; that clearly state our “house-size”, therefore  our service is warm and caring, but always simple.
We would like to be considered your “grandma”, the one that takes care of your health and cook things with love. Not a Chef.
We try to auto produce as much as possible – like bread, yogurt, cakes, jam – to keep the list of ingredients as healthy as possible (no preservatives, less sugar, etc), please take this in consideration.
Be open to new flavours or less addictive food: when you take away mass production products rich in additives or sugar you could feel a difference in taste.
We think that’s good for you.
The pictures in this page are dishes plated by us, but we also propose buffets.

Nuts and Seeds
High in healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6, giving you
a great energy boost while keeping you feeling light;
they fight against free radicals to make you yet more beautiful.
Aromatic Herbs
Plants that contain enormous number of healing properties
and can treat a number of health problems;
they also enhance the taste and smell of the food
giving an immediate benefit to your mind and body.
Rich in anti-oxidants that help eliminate toxins;
high in protein and very easily absorbed
Help boost your mood by increasing circulation, reducing stress,
as well as having a ton of other great body effects
Protein Rich
Iron rich legumes keep your red blood cells pumped up with oxygen,
keeping you in a great mood.
Also known to support serotonin levels
to reduce anxiety and boost happiness
Raw First
Get the best absorption of rich nutrients while reducing blood sugar spikes
to enjoy the day better without bloating and better rest
Fibre rich foods
Greatly improving digestion
and releasing energy steadily throughout the day
Fermented foods
rich source of healthy bacteria, (probiotics)
also naturally fights anxiety and reduces feelings of negativity
Green Leaves
Folic acid from green leaves helps to keep bad moods and depression at bay
Dark Chocolate
Nutritious and full of antioxidants,
it boosts the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins,
it also helps you to protect your skin from the sun
Healthy Fats
while you don’t need a lot of fat to boost your mood, you do need some.
Extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will keep you calm and put you in a positive state

Let us nourish you

Let us give you some curious information regarding the type of produce we use, just to let you know how fundamental it is to understand what you are eating and how it affects your day.