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Great Food

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Healthy - Surprising - Nourishing - Entertaining

Our cuisine combines the soul of the food – rich taste, appealing to the eyes and satisfying to the palate, with the pure role of the ingredients – to nourish the body, enrich your cells and make you feel good.

Organic... and more

Good food means good mood, so we don’t compromise on quality. Plus, nobody enjoys eating chemicals, so we eat (and serve) pure, organic food for a healthy experience.

Carrot cake with strawberry infused chantilly cream and candied carrot

Home Grown

Our food is often from one of the veggie gardens on the grounds. Picked, washed, chopped and eaten – so fresh! No need for any fertilisers, just home grown goodness.

“Sea-flavour” tofu and chickpeas with cherry tomatoes, olives, capers and seaweed

Seasonal, of course

We strive to use all seasonal ingredients, as they are richer in nutrients, more ethical and in tune with what your body wants.

roasted garden tomato stuffed with aromatized bread and russian salad with vegan mayonaise, sauce of tomato and white cream

Local first

We support the local community first, then the other farmers of Italian produce. We believe in small scale productions, not industries.

purple cabbage soup with curcuma cream

We cook with love

Many studies describe how food “absorbs” the creators’ energy and feelings, so we do our best to be happy and cook with love (also why you can hear soul music from our kitchen).

millet medallion with mushrooms and beetroot sauce

Hurt-free menu. Be inspired.

Our menu is totally “animal-free”. We think that human evolution, cooking techniques and innovative produce allow us to create all of the flavour, richness, complexity and satisfaction of good food without harming animals. You will leave inspired to cook “new” plant based dishes.

Sphere of bulgur filled with vegan cheese, mint and covered with sesame seeds, on a bed of seasonal veggies, parsley sauce and white cream

Nuts and Seeds
High in healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6, giving you
a great energy boost while keeping you feeling light;
they fight against free radicals to make you yet more beautiful.
Aromatic Herbs
Plants that contain enormous number of healing properties
and can treat a number of health problems;
they also enhance the taste and smell of the food
giving an immediate benefit to your mind and body.
Rich in anti-oxidants that help eliminate toxins;
high in protein and very easily absorbed
Help boost your mood by increasing circulation, reducing stress,
as well as having a ton of other great body effects
Protein Rich
Iron rich legumes keep your red blood cells pumped up with oxygen,
keeping you in a great mood.
Also known to support serotonin levels
to reduce anxiety and boost happiness
Raw First
Get the best absorption of rich nutrients while reducing blood sugar spikes
to enjoy the day better without bloating and better rest
Fibre rich foods
Greatly improving digestion
and releasing energy steadily throughout the day
Fermented foods
rich source of healthy bacteria, (probiotics)
also naturally fights anxiety and reduces feelings of negativity
Green Leaves
Folic acid from green leaves helps to keep bad moods and depression at bay
Dark Chocolate
Nutritious and full of antioxidants,
it boosts the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins,
it also helps you to protect your skin from the sun
Healthy Fats
while you don’t need a lot of fat to boost your mood, you do need some.
Extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will keep you calm and put you in a positive state


Let us give you some curious information regarding the type of produce we use, just to let you know how fundamental it is to understand what you are eating and how it affects your day.