Food to relax and make you powerful


it’s interesting how many people have to go on a diet to recover from a holiday based on heavy food and unhealthy choices.

Food to relax and make you powerful


it’s interesting how many people have to go on a diet to recover from a holiday based on heavy food and unhealthy choices.

your Body

our nutrient rich produce naturally recharges cells, removing toxins from stress and negatively charged environments and people

Reach a Deep Relaxation State

we carefully select anti stress ingredients and recipes to bring rest, recovery and balance to the body; enabling you to head home recharged and rejuvenated

Satisfy you Palate
(and mind)

our tasty recipes achieve gourmet style as well as health. abundant in flavour they feed the soul and body keeping you light and appeased

Our Cuisine?
Healthy & Gourmet

self love from the inside out

What do we mean by 'Gourmet'?

food made with extra care:

produce is of the highest quality; ingredients for the best recipe taste; combinations to interest and surprise the palate; ethical produce made respecting the environment.

Nuts and Seeds
high on healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6, they give you
a great energy boost while keeping you light;
they fight against free radicals to make you yet more beautiful.
Aromatic Herbs
they are plants that contain enormous healing properties
and can treat a number of health problems;
they also enhance the taste and smell of the food
giving an immediate benefit to your mind and body.
they are anti-oxidants helping get rid of toxins;
rich in proteins and very easily absorbed
they help boost your mood by increasing circulation,
reducing stress,
as well as having a ton of great body effects
Protein Rich
iron rich legumes keep your red blood cells pumped up with oxygen,
keeping you in a great mood.
they also support serotonin levels
to lower down anxiety and boost happiness
Raw First
get the best absorption of rich nutrients, lower down blood sugar spikes
to enjoy the day better, without bloating and resting better
Fibre rich foods
it greatly helps for a good digestion
and also to release energy steadily throughout the day
Fermented foods
rich source of healthy bacteria, or probiotics,
also naturally fight anxiety and negativity
Green Leaves
depression and bad moods are kept at bay because of the 'folic acid'
Dark Chocolate
very nutritious and full of antioxidants,
it boosts the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins,
it also helps you to protect your skin from the sun
Healthy Fats
while you don’t need a lot of fat to boost your mood, you do need some.
Extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will calm you down and put you in a positive state

It's Plant based

plant based cuisine is the way to go.

it is the perfect combination for deep relaxation and rest, recharging and re-energizing you on your well deserved holiday.

it makes you feel good, light, energetic and happy all at the same time.
the only experience to have on holiday.

It's Gourmet

cuisine can make or break a holiday.

we make it fun, interesting, delicious and entertaining in a ‘gourmet’ way because we agree that food is an important part of everyday (as well as a holiday).

Eat the best
Food Quality

we don’t compromise on food quality.
Good Food is Good Mood, and it is also our fuel.
on our table, we use only the best that the land has to offer.


we grow and buy organic.
zero chemicals in you.

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we avoid organic fertilizers. We grow organically. we carefully combine plants based on their strengths so they naturally fights bugs and other diseases. We use permaculture and raised beds to ensure rich soils for the best growth. (we also only buy organic)

home grown

chop and eat. hundreds of species

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the house is surrounded by hundreds of home grown produce. different seeds from the same family are used to deliver the richest harvest.

seasonal fresh

time in the fridge:
as little as possible

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too often food is harvested before it is ready, staying in fridges and trucks for weeks before reaching your kitchen. we insist on maximum freshness so we only use seasonal and locally grown produce.

bio diverse

antique seeds:
it's not only "a tomato"

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everyone knows there are many varieties of tomatoes, but then there are the antique versions… ever heard of the tomato that can stay fresh from August to the next May due to its low water content? we plant antique seeds, as many as we can. at our table you will not only eat 'a courgette', but you will eat 'the Chayote'. and so with the rest.


farmers are the real heroes

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we buy local to support the community.
we buy with our eyes and our heart, knowing how the produce has been grown.

made with love

food absorbs the creators' feelings

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our food is made with love, promised.
many studies describe how food absorbs the feelings and emotions of the person who made it. we also believe in the ethics of hospitality and our mission to make our guests happy.

would this food suit my lifestyle?

our food works for: vegans, yogis, omnivores, vegetarians, flexatarians, vegan athletes, raw foodist, open minded, traditional body builders, people looking for happiness

*this food won’t make happy:

negative people, extremists, closed minded, rudes, bad news seekers

All Inclusive
All Day Food

we propose various food service packages, up to the smart and flexible

a large choice of healthy food is available 24/24 so you can break-the-fast whenever you like, snack healthy as per your habit or get your nutrients-rich drink whenever you want.

Don't think too much
about the clock

our “healthy snack room” is available 24/24. “detox aromatic beverages” are always available. our meal timings give you flexibility to organize your day.

Bring on a very healthy eating habit

we care for everyone’s path to wellness and everyone’s eating habit:
with our flexible service, continue your healthy habit from home or discover a new one.

Don't spend
a euro more

no need to search for a restaurant or to visit the supermarket. focus on you, your holiday, rest and spend time with the people you care about.

How it works

Served meals

Light Breakfast

available from 8 to 9


Think of you first

A warm drink: Hot Water, Teas, Veg Milks, Coffees
A little snack: healthy cereals, fruits or dried fruits

Then take care of your mind and body as first, you can refill your body later, the snack room is always available

Buffet Lunch

available from 12 noon to 13
come when you prefer



spaghetti of zucchini “striato type” marinated with wild fennel, cherry tomato “dunne” confit, toasted sesame and poppy seeds

umbrian spelt salad with arugula “poker” pesto, sweet and sour red peppers “corno di capra” and ginger

variations of whole grain bruschette: with “black” and “red” beans paté; with grilled tomato “horus” and red garlic “di sulmona”; with italian babaganoush using the “Violetta di Napoli” aubergine

"Crystal Apple" Cucumber canapés with a veg mayonnaise of “Cannellini” white beans, capres and wakame seaweed

Social Dinner

we eat together



whole grain dried pasta with variations of cherry tomatoes confit (‘datterino’, ‘yellow’ and ‘black’), pesto of basil ‘genovese’ and leaves of ‘red’ basil

roasted seitan with sweet potatoes spiced with turmeric and rosemary

ratatouille of vegetables vacuum cooked at low temperature

no-meat-balls of aubergine ‘Tonda lilla’ spiced with cumin, cooked in coconut milk

veg carbonara with whole grain spaghetti with chickpeas water, crunchy ‘golden’ zucchini and smoked tofu

wild green leaves with julienne of carrots, sunflower seeds and tamari sauce

Self Service

Healthy Snack Room

Open 24/24


'an energy boost full of nutrients'

+ fresh fruits
+ dried fruits
+ dehydrated fruit
+ healthy cereals
+ veg milks
+ desserts
+ smoothie maker
+ juice maker

Beverages area

Always Available


"drinking water is like taking a shower on the inside"

+ source water
+ haromatized water
+ large variety of herbal teas
+ healthy teas
+ espresso coffee
+ powder coffee

The Experience
at the Table

buffet style, we eat together and share conversation over dinner

a healthy outside starts from the inside

It's Time to Get your Healthy Holiday.

Where we can we take you now?