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re-sync with the rhythm of nature


A House to Relax, and to Achieve Inner Peace.

Thanks to Countryside life. Authentic environment. Simplicity made Beautiful.

Allow yourself and your retreaters to switch off the mind and open the heart to find the true essence of being human and downshift from the hectic demands of modern life.

Located in the countryside, you can hear the sounds of nature. The quieter you become, the more you’ll be able to hear.

Touch and Feel the local stones brought back to their ancient charm through a great renovation.

Immerse in the stories of sacrifice and self-discipline. The farmhouse – once called “Casale” – was the home of families who survived the daily life with agriculture, their own produce and neighbourhood collaboration.

Secluded private location

The privilege of intimacy, silence, beauty and understated luxury. To get the mind right, so the body can follow.

The farmhouse is 8 km away from the first little village and it is nestled in the green hills of Umbria with views all around, from morning, to sunset.


Re connect with
Mother Nature

Breathe deeply the oxygen it provides, the colours and view it creates and absorb its life energy.
We enriched the wide eco-system with more than 100 different species of trees, flowers and plants. This helps our farm to avoid chemicals and you benefit for the air quality.

Home away from Home

Experience life in the countryside, it was based on truthfulness, honesty and simplicity. We enriched it by applying daily Wellbeing habits.
From the auto-production of the majority of the food, to the way of eating and drinking, to the daily habits of good sleeping and relationships.


Salt Water Pool

We use salt to sanitise our pool.
A natural sensation for the skin, a pleasure to swim in (you will float better), and surprising benefits for your health.

Plenty of sun beds.
Natural sun umbrellas.
No need of swimming cap.
South facing.

A Refined House with a unique Vibe

We created a place of balance for people to relax and concentrate their mind. There is an instant sense of calmness, much like a warm hug!

'Al Fresco' Eating

A magical evening ambience under the stars surrounded by delicately lit trees: a perfect place to share experiences and personal stories.

A Healing Environment

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The Eco-Chic Rooms

“Just” 8 bespoke rooms to offer you exclusivity, tranquillity and focus:
to perceive this valuable time at its best. A mix of minimalism, creative recycling, and use of materials from nature.

Pure Resources

Having a deep respect for nature and the environment, our water is direct from the hills and our power sourced from the sun. We recycle and give more than one life to produce in many different ways. The materials we used for the renovation are all natural and traditional.

the green heart of Italy

Conveniently located at the borders with Tuscany, Umbria is a peaceful region where “slow-life” is still an important value. Wildly green and full of olive groves, authenticity is one of it’s most beautiful characteristics.

So beautiful place where to relax, enjoy nature, meditation take a moment for yourself. It’s a cuddle for your wellness.