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starts with a
simple and noble mission:

"To ethically inspire each person to become a better human by expressing the body-mind-soul to its full potential. "

Therefore to celebrate and fulfill life with beauty, consciousness, capabilities, creativity so as to achieve personal dreams and goals.


everyone can reach happiness and fulfillment in life without depending on exterior things, instead working on the body, mind, emotions and individual capabilities.
everyone can find balance with the right tools.


by lighting a Spark of inspiration (or fueling it) at the Lodge, mixing a charming holiday and retreat experience in one.
Our tagline “The Inspiring Lodge for a Healthy Holiday” really means it.

A “Life-Force-Idea” can drive people beyond their limits

We push the boundaries of daily habits by proposing at the Lodge a “lifestyle” that has at its core:

eating habits and how to fuel the body to get the most out of it
knowing the origin of produce, shapes the mind and the body 
re-mindfulness on the core values of life and how to reach them
re-discover trust in other humans and increase connection 
re-focusing to become a priority in life


In Two Words:



Why on Holiday?

Holiday is Free Time.

Free Time is a High Value time where people can decide to have nothing to do.
No appointments, no to-do lists, no worries that stick in their mind.

It’s The Chance they have to really focus.

And they should focus on THEM.

Re-Thinking the word

We provoke on our “food page” by saying:

“It’s interesting how many people have to go on a diet to recover from a holiday based on heavy food and unhealthy choices.”

Think twice,
isn’t it really like that?
We could also see it like this:

“It’s interesting how holidays – days where you should find rest – often becomes days where you only find stress.”
We re-think the “holiday” word
by giving it back its real meaning:


re-charge by eating light but tasteful
re-charge by recreating space in the mind
re-charge with new inspirations
re-charge the body through healthy activities 

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