we start with a simple and noble mission:

"To ethically inspire each person to become a better human by expressing the body-mind-soul to its full potential. "


Everyone can reach happiness and fulfillment in life working on the body, mind, emotions and individual capabilities. Everyone can find balance with the right tools.


by lighting a spark of inspiration (or fueling it) with the ideas and services applied into our retreat center. Everything we made was though with the word “inspiration” in mind. 


The time spent while the retreat is High Value. No appointments, no to-do lists, no worries that stick in the mind.

It’s The Chance to really focus on You

A “Life-Force-Idea” can drive people beyond their limits

So we push the boundaries of daily habits by proposing a lifestyle that has at its core:

Healthy eating habits

and how to fuel the body to get the most out of it

Core values of life

and how to reach them

Trust in other humans

and increase connection

Discover your inner part

and self-develop

Become a priority in life

and care first about yourself

In Two Words:




but don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers think:

I ran a yoga retreat here for four days in May. Stunning location and facilities and great support from the team. Everyone easily transitioned into relaxation and rejuvenation by immersed in nature and being served fresh, seasonal home grown vegan food. Outstanding!
The lodge has a great energy in all its corners and moments. I have been there for a retreat and everything exceeded my expectations.
[…]for those who place importance on wellbeing and healthy eating and who want high quality accommodation and care
It gives you energy by its self.
Need more help? Please reach Gabriele, Equilibrio.bio's founder at